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No Need for
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Up to 50% of invoices are not paid on time.

This is annoying and can play havoc with your cash flow.

But it can feel awkward calling your valued customer to ask for payment.

Let Us Take The Stress Out Of Chasing Your Valued Customer for Payment

Feels Like Normal Admin Process

We will follow up on your overdue account via email and telephone in a courteous, polite and professional manner. To your customer, it will feel like a helpful and normal administrative process, freeing you to maintain your normal relations with your client.

What We deliver

For your valued client who is late paying their invoice, we will chase their overdue invoice in a courteous and professional manner with the aim of positively supporting your ongoing relationship with them.

We will:

  • be courteous, friendly but firm with your valued customer.
  • remind them that the invoice is outstanding without embarrassing them
  • send emails and follow up the customer as and when needed over a 1 to 2 week period until the invoice is paid or we can report back why they have not paid your invoice and suggest further action.
  • find out if there are any admin reasons why the invoice hasn't been paid and try to help clear admin blocks
  • try to find out if the customer hasn't paid because of genuine financial problems and report back.
  • feed back if we believe the customer does not have a good reason for not paying your invoice.
  • suggest what actions might be suitable with a customer who is unable or unwilling to pay your invoice.

What do you need from the Buyer to get started?

  • Copy of outstanding invoice via email
  • Contact telephone numbers and email
  • Any relevant past communications

Do We Guarantee the Customer Will Pay?

We believe that the role of credit control is to smooth administrative problems and to work with customers in order to get outstanding invoices paid. We wish to do this whilst maintaining the best possible customer relationship.

We want your customers to be happy paying their outstanding payments so they continue to be repeat customers.

But there will be some who simply refuse to pay. Either because they can't pay, but also one or two because they simply don't want to. These could be customers who you will not want to do further business with.

In these cases we will not be able to get them to pay. We will tell you if that is the case and case a debt collector may be more appropriate.

Debt Collectors

A debt collector will threaten court action and even instruct solicitors. We will tell you if we beleive a particular customer should be escalated to a debt collector.

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