About Us

Help getting your overdue invoices paid
while keeping your valued customers happy


With over 10 years expreience in credit control, I have joined together with my husband who also has many years experience in financial services, business analysis and internet to form eCreditControl.com.

Our aim is to provide Outsourced Credit Control services to small and medium sized firms who don't have a need for a full time credit controller but would benefit from expert help and support from an experienced credit control professional.

Happy Payers Make Repeat Customers

We are not debt collectors. We will contact your overdue customers in a curteous and professional manner to find out why your invoice has not been paid yet. We will help to clear any administrative problems to them paying and we will keep you up to date on the progress of your payment.

Friendly But Firm Persuasion

Often you will find that 50% or more of your invoices are not paid within 30 days. But while being late in payment, these are mostly customers you want to continue to do business with. A well planned and executed, overdue invoice follow up service can help you to:

  • Get invoices paid earlier
  • Build better relationships with your customers and clients
  • Clear administrative blocks to receiving payments
  • Identify potential delinquent accounts
  • Receive payment from aged debt


Gemma Imam MA

Credit Controller

Responsible for all credit control functions from following up invoices to assessing credit limits for new customers.


Tuhin Imam MA Cantab

Marketing, Administration

Responsible for new business, client liaison and assisting the credit controller with admin and other tasks


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