Get paid up to 28 days earlier
just by sending email reminders.

Email Reminders Reduce Payment Days

Sending email reminders could reduce your payment days by as much as 28 days on average.

You will usually find that customers wait until near the end of their payment terms before making payment. It is easy for them to forget and a simple reminder can make all the difference.

Firm But Friendly Reminders

Often called 'Dunning Letters' by credit control professionals, a very effective tool in getting your invoices paid is simply to write to your customers to remind them to pay. This used to be done via post but now it is easier and cheaper to do via email.

Ideally you should have a set of standard letters that you tailor for each customer:

  • 5 day before due
  • 1 day overdue
  • 7 days overdue
  • 14 days overdue
  • 21 days overdue

Remembering these are valued customers, the emails should be firm but friendly. But they should increase in urgency and concern with each one.


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