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Email Reminders - Telephone Follow-Up.

Email Reminders

Sending well worded email reminders at set times will get up to 80% or more of your overdue invoices paid. And can reduce your payment days by as much as 28 days.

Reminder emails are easy to send, but what should they say?

Email Templates:

  • create a specially tailored set of emails for your business
  • check when your customers need to be reminded
  • send the appropriate email to them

Set Up Price:

You Modify Our Template Emails FREE
We Create Tailored Set of Emails £12.00

Telephone Follow-up

If your invoice isn't paid after the first email reminder then a simple telephone call to follow up will resolve most outstanding payments.

We will:

  • be courteous, polite and professional at all times.
  • find out why payment has not been made yet
  • work with your or your staff to clear any admin problems
  • if the customer has cashflow problems we will suggest solutions for you
  • tell you if we think the customer is deliberately not paying without reason


Follow Up One Overdue Invoice £10.00

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