Email Reminders - Telephone Follow-ups

Email Reminders

Sending well worded email reminders at set times will get up to 80% or more of your overdue invoices paid. And can reduce your payment days by as much as 28 days.

We will:

  • create a specially tailored set of emails for your business
  • check when your customers need to be reminded
  • send the appropriate email to them

Set Up Price:

Create Tailored Set of Emails £24.00


Up to 10 overdue invoices per month £20.00
Up to 20 overdue invoices per month £38.00
Up to 40 overdue invoices per month £72.00
Up to 80 overdue invoices per month £144.00

Note: This is not an automated service.

We will manually confirm which customers need reminders and select appropriate messages for them.

We will specifically tailor messages when needed.

Telephone Follow-up

If your invoice isn't paid after the first email reminder then a simple telephone call to follow up will resolve most outstanding payments.

We will:

  • be courteous, polite and professional at all times.
  • find out why payment has not been made yet
  • work with your staff to clear any admin problems
  • if the customer has cashflow problems we will suggest solutions for you
  • tell you if the customer is deliberately not paying
  • produce a weekly report of activity and results


1 hour per week £108.33 per month
2 hours per week £199.33 per month
4 hours per week £364.00 per month
8 hours per week £693.33 per month

Note: Email reminders can be included within package or added as separate service.

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